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Influence of Maternal Dental Anxiety on the Child’s Dental Caries Experience
In vivo Measurements of Tooth Wear over 12 Months
Cariogram Validity in Schoolchildren: A Two-Year Follow-Up Study
Effect of Fluoride, Lesion Baseline Severity and Mineral Distribution on Lesion Progression
Effect of Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride Gel Application Time on Enamel Demineralization of Deciduous and Permanent Teeth
Genetic Susceptibility to Dental Caries on Pit and Fissure and Smooth Surfaces
The Social and Behavioural Pathway of Dental Caries Experience among Jewish Adults in Jerusalem
In situ Evaluation of the Erosive Potential of Orange Juice Modified by Food Additives
Dose-Response Effects of Zinc and Fluoride on Caries Lesion Remineralization
Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 Administration in Early Childhood: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Effects on Oral Colonization by Mutans Streptococci and the Probiotic
New Insight on the Response of Bacteria to Fluoride
The Impact of Magnification on Occlusal Caries Diagnosis with Implementation of the ICDAS II Criteria