MMP20 rs1784418 Protects Certain Populations against Caries

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This work aimed to further evaluate the association of MMP20 rs1784418 C>T and dental caries experience with the hypothesis that MMP20 rs1784418 C>T is a risk factor for dental caries. 184 children 4-7 years of age had their caries experience determined and buccal cheek swabs collected for DNA extraction to test for association with the MMP20 rs1784418 C>T using standard statistical approaches. A meta-analytic approach was also implemented to compile previous discrepant reports of the same association. We found an association between MMP20 rs1784418 C>T and dental caries experience in primary dentition (p = 0.01). The meta-analysis showed that this association appears to favor individuals born in Brazil and not Turkey. MMP20 rs1784418 C>T appears to protect against dental caries, but its effects are likely to be more marked in certain populations.

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