The Effect of Mucin in Artificial Saliva on Erosive Rehardening and Demineralization

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The effect of mucin in artificial saliva on rehardening (RE-experiment) and inhibition (DE-experiment) of erosion was evaluated. The treatment groups were: artificial saliva with mucin, artificial saliva without mucin, human saliva, and water. For the RE-experiment, after immersion of enamel blocks in citric acid (4 min), hardness was measured and blocks were subjected to treatment for 2 h. For the DE-experiment, sound blocks were subjected to treatment for 2 h and immersed in citric acid (4 min). Percentages of hardness recovery (RE) and loss (DE) were analyzed (ANOVA/Tukey's test). The salivas promoted similar rehardening, but only the saliva with mucin was similar to human saliva with regard to enamel protection against erosion.

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