On the possibility of a significant temperature gradient in supported metal catalysts subjected to microwave heating
Adsorbed species and reaction rates for NO–CO–O2 over Rh(111)
The dynamics of CO oxidation on Pt(110) studied by infrared chemiluminescence of the product CO2
Support effects in the dissociation of CO on Rh/CeO2(111)
Desorption and catalytic properties of palladium, supported on Al2O3-La2O3, prepared by the sol-gel method
Nickel catalysts supported on carbon nanofibers
Catalytic conversions in water. Part 6. A novel biphasic hydrocarboxylation of olefins catalyzed by palladium TPPTS complexes (TPPTS=P(C6H4-m-SO3Na) 3)*
Efficient dimerization of propylene affording 2,3-dimethylbutenes by fluorinated alcohol modified nickel–phosphine catalyst system containing strong sulfonic acid and/or dialkyl sulfates
Characterization by temperature-programmed reduction of non-conventional catalysts for hydrotreatment
Influence of hydrogen and of reaction temperature on the mechanism of n-butane isomerization over sulfated zirconia
Mechanism of but-1-ene hydrogenation and isomerization on oxygen-modified bulk tungsten carbides using deuterium tracer studies. Effect of oxygen treatment on hydrogen dissociation
Skeletal isomerisation of 1-butene on 10-member ring zeolites or on 10-member ring silico–alumino-phosphate microporous materials
Montmorillonite-catalysed addition of alkyl disulfides to alkenes
Regio- and stereoselective dimerization of phenylacetylene to (Z)-1,4-diphenylbut-1-en-3-yne over potassium amide loaded on alumina