Cerium promoted and silica-alumina supported molybdenum oxide in the zeolite-containing hybrid catalyst for the selective deep catalytic cracking of petroleum naphthas
n-Octane aromatization on Pt-containing non-acidic large pore zeolite catalysts
Production of hydrogen-rich gas via reforming of iso-octane over Ni–Mn and Rh–Ce bimetallic catalysts using spray pulsed reactor
Methane catalytic combustion over Pd/Al2O3 in presence of sulphur dioxide
Selective photooxidation of methane into methanol by nitric oxide over V-MCM-41 mesoporous molecular sieves
The effect of high-temperature pre-treatment and water on the low temperature CO oxidation with Au/Fe2O3 catalysts
Characteristics of Ni 8 wt%-doped titanium dioxide photocatalyst synthesized by mechanical alloying
Dimethyl ether synthesis from methane by non syngas process
Effects of channel structure and acidity of molecular sieves in hydroisomerization of n-octane over bi-functional catalysts
Comparison between Ni and Pt promoted SO4 2−–ZrO2 catalysts for n-octane hydroisomerization-cracking
A novel Ni2Mo3N/MCM41 catalyst for the hydrogenation of aromatics
Ammonia synthesis over the Ba-promoted ruthenium catalysts supported on boron nitride
Spinel CuFe2O4
Alkylation of hydroquinone with tert-butanol over AlSBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieves
Synthesis of (all-rac)-α-tocopherol using Nafion resin/silica nanocomposite materials as catalysts
Strong dependence on pressure of the performance of a Co/SiO2 catalyst in Fischer–Tropsch slurry reactor synthesis