Peptides containing Acylated C-terminal Gem diamines: Novel Irreversible Inactivators of the Cysteine and Serine Proteinases†

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This study reports on the synthesis of peptides containing C-terminal acylated gem-diamines and their utilization for the preparation of irreversible inactivators of the serine and cysteine proteinases. We have succeeded in obtaining an inhibitor Acetyl-Val-Pro-g-Val-CO-O-C6H4-NO2 of neutrophil and pancreatic elastases that functions in a time-dependent manner, indicative of the action of an irreversible inactivator, functioning, most probably, through the formation of a long-lived acyl enzyme intermediate. In addition, we have demonstrated the irreversible inhibition of the cysteine proteinase bovine cathepsin B, by chloroacetyl and bromoacetyl derivatives of a dipeptide gem-diamine, Cbz-Phe-g-Ala-CO-CH2Hal (Hal = Br, Cl).

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