Preparation and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Orally Active Ester Prodrugs of Ketoprofen with Non-Ulcerogenic Property

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This study investigates anti-inflammatory activity with improved pharmacokinetic and non-ulcerogenic properties of various novel synthesized prodrugs of ketoprofen in experimental animals. Prodrugs 3a, 3f and 3k were found to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity with almost non-ulcerogenic potential than standard drug ketoprofen (1) in both normal and inflammation-induced rats. The experimental findings elicited higher AUC and plasma concentration at 1 and 2 h indicating improved oral bioavailability as compared to parent drug ketoprofen. These prodrugs are found to have no gastric ulceration with retained anti-inflammatory activity. Therefore, present experimental findings demonstrated significant improvement of various pharmacokinetic properties with non-ulcerogenic potential of ester prodrugs of ketoprofen.

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