Phenylbutazone, a New Long-Acting Agent that can Improve the Peptide Pharmacokinetic Based on Serum Albumin as a Drug Carrier

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As a NPY-2 receptor agonist, PYY24–36-Leu31 is reported to suppress appetite and has a potential in obesity treatment, but its short half-life limits the clinical application. The use of chemical modification to improve interactions with human serum albumin (HSA) is an effective strategy for prolonging the half-lives of peptide analogues. So based on the characteristics that phenylbutazone has a good combination with HSA, we selected a proper linker to link with PYY24–36-Leu31 to create long-acting and highly biologically active PYY24–36-Leu31 conjugates, and successfully find a novel, long-acting PYY24–36-Leu31 conjugate 8 that, when dosed every other day in diet induce obese (DIO) mice for 2 weeks, results in a significant reduction in food intake and body weight and improvement in blood parameter and hepatic steatosis.

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