Discovery of 7-Methyl-10-Hydroxyhomocamptothecins with 1,2,3-Triazole Moiety as Potent Topoisomerase I Inhibitors

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Homocamptothecin is emerging as an important topoisomerase I inhibitor originating in natural product camptothecin. We report the modifications and SAR of homocamptothecin on position C10 to develop potent topoisomerase I inhibitors for anticancer drug discovery. Based on click chemistry, twenty-one 1,2,3-triazole-substituted homocamptothecin derivatives were readily synthesized in two steps. For A549, cycloalkyl- and alkyl-substituted compounds 6j, 6l, and 6o revealed highly antiproliferative inhibitory activities with IC50 value of 30, 30, and 50 nm, respectively. In addition, cyclopropyl 6j exhibited greater Topo I inhibitory activity than 20(S)-Camptothecin, which indicated suitability for further drug development.

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