A Pooled Analysis of 2618 Patients Treated With Trastuzumab Beyond Progression for Advanced Breast Cancer

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In HER2+ MBC, continuing trastuzumab (T) after the progression during a first-line T-based regimen, represents 1 of the possible strategies, even if few data from randomized trials exist in this setting.

Materials and Methods:

The authors have performed a systematic review through PubMed, including all prospective and retrospective publications exploring the efficacy of a T-based second-line therapy in HER2+ MBC patients treated beyond progression with a first-line T-containing treatment. Pooled estimates of the RR, TTP, and OS were calculated.


A total of 29 studies (4 randomized controlled phase III trials, 2 observational studies, 8 prospective nonrandomized trials, and 15 retrospective case series) were retrieved for a total of 2618 patients. All were treated with a second-line, T-based treatment beyond progression with a first-line T-based chemotherapy. Overall, the median RR, TTP, and OS obtained from the selected articles were 28.7%, 7, and 24 months.


This pooled analysis confirms that continuing T beyond the first progression continues to be 1 of the effective and preferred choices in HER2+ MBC, failing a (T-based) first-line regimen.

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