Localization Methods for Excisional Biopsy in Women With Nonpalpable Mammographic Abnormalities

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Wire-localized excisional breast biopsy should remain a stable of the surgeon's practice owing to the fact that radiologists and surgeons are familiar with the technique, it is low-cost, and it does not involve special expensive equipment or radioactivity handling. The use of wire-localized excisional breast biopsies in expanded scenarios will decrease costs for the health care system and make the technique accessible to more patients.


With the advent and proliferation of breast cancer screening programs, more women are being diagnosed with mammographic abnormalities that require tissue diagnosis. If imaged-guided biopsy is not possible or previous image-guided biopsies reveal pathologies that require more extensive surgery, guided excisional biopsy/lumpectomy may be necessary.


Fifteen women were enrolled in the study of the feasibility of off-site or day-before wire-localization excisional biopsy of the breast with mammographic abnormalities. Five patients had their localization wire placed the day before, whereas 10 patients had their localization the same day with surgery in a distant procedure room under straight local anesthesia.


Two of the 15 patients had an eventual cancer diagnosis from their wire-localized excisional breast biopsy. All patients had their mammographic abnormality removed with the previously placed core biopsy clip, and there was 100% radiologic/clinical correlation. All patients' wounds healed primarily without any surgical site infections.


The protocol answers 2 questions concerning the wire-localized excisional breast biopsy technique. The series shows that the wire-localization technique can be performed the night before or in a location away from the procedure room that would allow better synchronization with surgical schedules or allow the procedure to take place in low-cost settings away from the expense of the hospital operating room.

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