Functional Disorders: Rectoanal Intussusception

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Rectoanal intussusception is an invagination of the rectal wall into the lumen of the rectum. Patients may present with constipation, incomplete evacuation, incontinence, or may be asymptomatic. Defecography has been the gold standard for detection. Magnetic resonance imaging defecography and dynamic anal endosonography are alternatives to conventional defecography. However, both methods are not as sensitive as conventional defecography. Treatment options range from conservative/medical treatment such as biofeedback to surgical procedures such as Delorme, rectopexy, and stapled transanal rectal resection. Recent studies conducted after a trial of failed nonoperative management show adequate results with operations performed for rectal intussusception with or without rectocele if other causes of constipation are not present.

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