Imaging of Solid and Cystic Tumors of the Peritoneum and Mesentery

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Primary tumors of the peritoneum and mesentery are rare.1 However, secondary and metastatic diseases frequently spread to the peritoneum and mesentery through the peritoneal cavity, the peritoneal spaces, and the retroperitoneum.1 Patients with mesenteric neoplasms have nonspecific presentations including abdominal pain, weight loss, palpable abdominal mass, and diarrhea.1 Imaging plays a vital role in accurate diagnosis, and it often serves as a guide to patient management. This article discusses the anatomy of the peritoneum and mesentery, the pathophysiology of disease spread to the peritoneum/mesentery, and the imaging appearances of some common and few rare solid and cystic tumors of the peritoneum and mesentery.

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