Differences in Cyclin D2 and D1 Protein Expression Distinguish Forebrain Progenitor Subsets

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Regulation of neural proliferation is an essential component of brain formation and is driven by both intrinsic cell cycle and extrinsic growth and trophic molecules. Among the cell cycle proteins, understanding of the relative roles of the G1-phase active cyclins D2 and D1 (cD2 and cD1) has been hampered by lack of data regarding their expression patterns. In this study, cD2 immunoreactivity was examined in the neocortex, ganglionic eminences/striatum, and hippocampal formation from embryonic day 12.5 until postnatal day 60 to more precisely characterize the expression of this protein during forebrain development. The localization of cD1 was also immunohistologically mapped for comparison. Throughout forebrain development, both overlapping and nonoverlapping protein expression of these cyclins suggests the presence of shared and unique cell cycle requirements for neurogenesis that distinguishes progenitor pools.

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