Psoralen plus ultraviolet A irradiation-induced lentigines arising in vitiligo: involvement of vitiliginous and normal appearing skin

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Psoralen plus ultraviolet A irradiation (PUVA therapy) is commonly used for the management of vitiligo in which perifollicular repigmentation is the usual response pattern. However, excessive PUVA therapy may be associated with adverse effects. We report a case of generalized vitiligo that has been extensively treated with topical and systemic PUVA therapy for several years with the development of extensive and widespread stellate and irregularly shaped black and brown macules (lentigines). Interestingly, the lentigines were observed not only in the normally pigmented skin but also within the depigmented lesions that were lacking the perifollicular response pattern. The lesions developed in the exposed and unexposed skin areas. No evidence of skin malignancy was observed clinically and no melanocyte atypia was detected histopathologically. Cryotherapy may be used in the management of the lentigines; however, because of the extent of lesions this was impractical in our case.

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