NXCL-4950, a novel composite applicable to peripheral skin, is capable of increasing skin temperature by enhancing capillary circulation

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Rapid skin warming and prompt correct medical treatment lead to dramatic improvement in patients with peripheral capillary-related damage, such as injuries, Raynaud disease and frostbite.


To characterize a novel composite, NXCL-4950, for use in a cosmetic lotion.


The effects of NXCL-4950 on enhancing skin blood flow, skin temperature warming, and expansion of peripheral blood vessels and scalp microvessels were investigated.


Monitoring by laser Doppler perfusion imaging and thermal imaging showed that application of NXCL-4950 to the hands increased skin blood flow and temperature relative to the control (or placebo) group. For the 20 participants with a high Raynaud Condition Score, application of NXCL-4950 to the skin resulted in a mean increase of 215.53% in microvessel diameter and mean increase of 164.96% in the speed of blood flow. When NXCL-4950 was applied to the scalp, the microvessels around the hair roots were clearly visible after 20 min.


NXCL-4950 is a potential candidate for enhancing peripheral skin temperature, and might be useful in the treatment of capillary-related disorders.

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