Home phototherapy for psoriasis: a review and update

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A 2006 survey of dermatologists showed that home phototherapy should be used with caution, and that general, nonevidence-based opinions were widespread about this form of therapy. This led to a randomized controlled trial to assess the safety and efficacy of home phototherapy vs. outpatient phototherapy by the same authors in 2009, which concluded that a lower burden of treatment and increased patient satisfaction were associated with home phototherapy. In the UK National Health Service, with a single exception, phototherapy is currently carried out exclusively in hospital. This contrasts with the Netherlands, where home phototherapy is now widely available. NHS dermatology services in the UK have yet to adopt home phototherapy as a treatment option, despite the strong evidence base and robust service models established elsewhere. In this review, we discuss evidence-based papers on home phototherapy, its advantages and disadvantages, economic effectiveness, and a suggested model for service sustainability.

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