Current practice in treatment approach for bullous pemphigoid: comparison between national surveys from the Netherlands and the UK

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Treatment approaches for bullous pemphigoid (BP), the most common autoimmune skin blistering disease, are largely based on national and international guidelines. We conducted a national survey among dermatologists in the Netherlands to explore the current treatment of BP, and compared the results with those of a previously published survey from the UK. Almost all responders in the Netherlands (n = 175) used very potent topical corticosteroids, both as monotherapy and as adjunctive therapy. In contrast to UK dermatologists, the majority recommended whole-body application rather than local application to lesions. Systemic antibiotics were used by > 70% of responders. Half of the responders in the Netherlands considered systemic steroids the first-choice treatment, with the majority also using adjunctive therapy as a routine. Despite many similarities in treatment approach between the two countries, these surveys provide an important insight into the gap between actual and recommended practice at a country level in relation to the best external evidence.

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