DNA-unstable decaploid mouse H1 (ES) cells established from DNA-stable pentaploid H1 (ES) cells polyploidized using demecolcine
Mesenchymal differentiation propensity of a human embryonic stem cell line
Inhibition of metastasis-associated gene 1 expression affects proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of immortalized human mesenchymal stem cells
Anti-tumour and anti-angiogenetic effects of zoledronic acid on human non-small-cell lung cancer cell line
Phosphorylation at serine 482 affects stability of NF90 and its functional role in mitosis
Influence of proline-rich inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase, on early development of fertilized mouse eggs, via inhibition of phosphorylation of Akt
Mithramycin reduces expression of fibro-proliferative mRNAs in human gingival fibroblasts
EGFR is involved in control of gastric cell proliferation through activation of MAPK and Src signalling pathways in early-weaned rats
Immobilization of thrombocytes on PCL nanofibres enhances chondrocyte proliferation in vitro
Mathematical model of the role of intercellular signalling in intercellular cooperation during tumorigenesis