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Loss of TAB3 expression by shRNA exhibits suppressive bioactivity and increased chemical sensitivity of ovarian cancer cell lines via the NF‐κB pathway
Gene expression profiling of CD8+ T cells induced by ovarian cancer cells suggests a possible mechanism for CD8+ Treg cell production
Gold nanoparticle–conjugated quercetin inhibits epithelial–mesenchymal transition, angiogenesis and invasiveness via EGFR/VEGFR‐2‐mediated pathway in breast cancer
p53‐dependent up‐regulation of CDKN1A and down‐regulation of CCNE2 in response to beryllium
Sp1 transcription factor promotes TMEPAI gene expression and contributes to cell proliferation
Low‐intensity pulsed ultrasound upregulates pro‐myelination indicators of Schwann cells enhanced by co‐culture with adipose‐derived stem cells
PCL‐PEG‐PCL film promotes cartilage regeneration in vivo
F‐actin rearrangement is regulated by mTORC2/Akt/Girdin in mouse fertilized eggs
Curcumin inhibits angiogenesis by up‐regulation of microRNA‐1275 and microRNA‐1246