Transient receptor potential melastatin 4 channel is required for rat dental pulp stem cell proliferation and survival
Cell‐derived micro‐environment helps dental pulp stem cells promote dental pulp regeneration
Progesterone‐mediated angiogenic activity of endothelial progenitor cell and angiogenesis in traumatic brain injury rats were antagonized by progesterone receptor antagonist
Metabolic reprogramming by HIF‐1 activation enhances survivability of human adipose‐derived stem cells in ischaemic microenvironments
Lidocaine inhibits the proliferation of lung cancer by regulating the expression of GOLT1A
Diet‐induced obesity causes visceral, but not subcutaneous, lymph node hyperplasia via increases in specific immune cell populations
Visfatin mediates doxorubicin resistance in human non–small‐cell lung cancer via Akt‐mediated up‐regulation of ABCC1
Cellular behaviours of bone marrow‐derived mesenchymal stem cells towards pristine graphene oxide nanosheets
Modulation of chondrocyte motility by tetrahedral DNA nanostructures
miR‐181d regulates human dendritic cell maturation through NF‐κB pathway
Stem cell‐derived exosomes : A promising strategy for fracture healing
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