Cell Proliferation in the Adult Hippocampal Formation of Rodents and its Modulation by Entorhinal and Fimbria–Fornix Afferents
Repeated Stress Induces Dendritic Spine Loss in the Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex
Attentional Modulation of Cortical Neuromagnetic Gamma Response to Biological Movement
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Distinct Ca2+ Channels Mediate Transmitter Release at Excitatory Synapses Displaying Different Dynamic Properties in Rat Neocortex
Jumping the Gun: Is Effective Preparation Contingent upon Anticipatory Activation in Task-relevant Neural Circuitry?
Hierarchical Development of the Primate Visual Cortex, as Revealed by Neurofilament Immunoreactivity: Early Maturation of the Middle Temporal Area (MT)
Independence of Visual Awareness from the Scope of Attention: an Electrophysiological Study
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Two Distinct Neural Mechanisms for Category-selective Responses