Cortical Connections of the Macaque Caudal Ventrolateral Prefrontal Areas 45A and 45B

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We have found that the 2 architectonic subdivisions of the prefrontal area 45, 45A and 45B, display connectivity patterns that clearly distinguish them from one another and from their neighboring architectonic areas. Area 45A is primarily connected to the frontal areas 45B, 12l, caudal 12r, 12o, 10, rostrodorsal 46, 9/8B, 44, 8/FEF (frontal eye field), and the SEF (supplementary eye field), temporal area IPa, and unique among all the studied areas, to the superior temporal polysensory (STP) area and auditory parabelt areas. Area 45B displayed much stronger frontal connections with the oculomotor areas 8/FEF, 8r, and the SEF than those of area 45A, primary connections with areas 12l, caudal 12r, 12o, and 8B, and unlike area 45A, with areas ventrorostral 46, rostral 12r, 12m, and 13m. Temporal connections were all virtually confined to areas IPa, intermediate TEa/m, and TE. Additional labeling was found in lateral intraparietal area. Our data suggest that 45A and 45B are 2 distinct areas, possibly playing a differential role in nonspatial information processing: area 45A corresponds to the prefrontal sector for which a role in communication behavior and homology with the human area 45 was proposed, whereas area 45B is a distinct prearcuate area, possibly affiliated to the oculomotor frontal system.

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