Cortical Auditory Adaptation in the Awake Rat and the Role of Potassium Currents
Morphometric Differences in the Heschl's Gyrus of Hearing Impaired and Normal Hearing Infants
Lamina-Specific Alterations in Cortical GABAA Receptor Subunit Expression in Schizophrenia
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Table of Contents
Structural and Functional Reorganization of the Corpus Callosum between the Age of 6 and 8 Years
Altered Speeds and Trajectories of Neurons Migrating in the Ventricular and Subventricular Zones of the Reeler Neocortex
The Polysialylated Form of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule (PSA-NCAM) Is Expressed in a Subpopulation of Mature Cortical Interneurons Characterized by Reduced Structural Features and Connectivity
The Development of Audiovisual Multisensory Integration Across Childhood and Early Adolescence
Attentional Load Asymmetrically Affects Early Electrophysiological Indices of Visual Orienting
The Neural Organization of Semantic Control
The Prenatal Origin of Hemispheric Asymmetry
Fronto-striatal Contribution to Lexical Set-Shifting
Reorganization of Inhibitory Synaptic Circuits in Rodent Chronically Injured Epileptogenic Neocortex
Absence of Layer-Specific Cadherin Expression Profiles in the Neocortex of the Reeler Mutant Mouse
From Neural Arbors to Daisies
Decreased Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity in Autism
Are Old Adults Just Like Low Working Memory Young Adults? Filtering Efficiency and Age Differences in Visual Working Memory
Dissociating Inhibition, Attention, and Response Control in the Frontoparietal Network Using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
From Language Comprehension to Action Understanding and Back Again
Neural Correlates of Developing and Adapting Behavioral Biases in Speeded Choice Reactions—An fMRI Study on Predictive Motor Coding
Control of Programmed Cell Death by Distinct Electrical Activity Patterns
Deficient Homeostatic Regulation of Practice-Dependent Plasticity in Writer’s Cramp
The Relationship of Gamma Oscillations and Face-Specific ERPs Recorded Subdurally from Occipitotemporal Cortex