Risk-Sensitive Decision-Making in Patients with Posterior Parietal and Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Injury
Place Field Repetition and Purely Local Remapping in a Multicompartment Environment
High-Expanding Cortical Regions in Human Development and Evolution Are Related to Higher Intellectual Abilities
CB1 and CB2 Cannabinoid Receptor Antagonists Prevent Minocycline-Induced Neuroprotection Following Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice
Plasticity in Unimodal and Multimodal Brain Areas Reflects Multisensory Changes in Self-Face Identification
The Effects of Cocaine Self-Administration on Dendritic Spine Density in the Rat Hippocampus Are Dependent on Genetic Background
Adaptations of Motor Neural Structures’ Activity to Lapses in Attention
Abnormal Retinoid and TrkB Signaling in the Prefrontal Cortex in Mood Disorders
Effects of Core Auditory Cortex Deactivation on Neuronal Response to Simple and Complex Acoustic Signals in the Contralateral Anterior Auditory Field
Asymmetry of the Endogenous Opioid System in the Human Anterior Cingulate
Time- but Not Sleep-Dependent Consolidation of tDCS-Enhanced Visuomotor Skills
Neurons in the Basal Forebrain Project to the Cortex in a Complex Topographic Organization that Reflects Corticocortical Connectivity Patterns
Reduced Frontal Cortex Efficiency is Associated with Lower White Matter Integrity in Aging
Systematic, Cross-Cortex Variation in Neuron Numbers in Rodents and Primates
A Segregated Neural Pathway for Prefrontal Top-Down Control of Tactile Discrimination
A Forward Genetic Screen in Mice Identifies Mutants with Abnormal Cortical Patterning
Differential Modifications of Synaptic Weights During Odor Rule Learning
Anticipatory Planning Reveals Segmentation of Cortical Motor Output During Action Observation
Perilesional Treatment with Chondroitinase ABC and Motor Training Promote Functional Recovery After Stroke in Rats
Human von Economo Neurons Express Transcription Factors Associated with Layer V Subcerebral Projection Neurons
Ventral Medial Nucleus Neurons Send Thalamocortical Afferents More Widely and More Preferentially to Layer 1 than Neurons of the Ventral Anterior–Ventral Lateral Nuclear Complex in the Rat
Risk-Taking Behavior
Individual Differences in Laughter Perception Reveal Roles for Mentalizing and Sensorimotor Systems in the Evaluation of Emotional Authenticity
Developmental Reduction of Asynchronous GABA Release from Neocortical Fast-Spiking Neurons
Rescue of NMDAR-Dependent Synaptic Plasticity in Fmr1 Knock-Out Mice
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