Clinical Features and Treatment of Penile Schwannoma: A Systematic Review

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Schwannomas, although common in the head and limbs, are an exceedingly rare tumor of the penis. We conducted a systematic review to include 33 patients with schwannoma of the penile shaft or glans penis. Most patients presented with a single painless nodule on the dorsal aspect of the penile shaft. These nodules were slow growing, with an average of 62 months from the onset to presentation. Several cases were accompanied by sexual dysfunction. Most histologic studies were consistent, with a benign schwannoma that showed a palisading Antoni A and Antoni B pattern without malignant changes in cell morphology. Of the 14 studies in which a history of genetic disease was investigated, only 2 reported a connection to neurofibromatosis. These tumors were treated with surgical excision, and 4 malignant cases received additional chemotherapy or radiotherapy. All the patients had achieved full remission by the final follow-up examination. Given the rarity of this tumor, the present review of available case studies serves to comprehensively describe the clinical presentation and treatment approaches to penile schwannoma.

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