Benefits of Urologic–Dermatologic Consultations for the Diagnosis of Cutaneous Penile Lesions: A Prospective Study

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IntroductionWe evaluated the benefits of a specialized consultation created in 2014 for cutaneous penile lesions.Materials and MethodsWe performed a descriptive prospective study evaluating all patients sent for a monthly urologic–dermatologic consultation at a French university hospital from September 2014 to September 2015 for cutaneous penile lesions. All patients evaluated were included. We collected the demographic data, clinical examination findings, and the proposed diagnosis and treatment for every patient.ResultsA total of 27 patients were included; 4 (14.8%) had been referred by a general physician and 23 (85.2%) by a specialist. Cutaneous penile lesions had evolved within 12 months in 15 patients (55.6%). Penile cancer was diagnosed in 5 patients (18.5%), of which 3 were squamous cell carcinoma (11.1%), 1 was metastasis of melanoma (3.7%), and 1 was extramammary Paget disease (3.7%). In addition, 1 patient (3.7%) had a premalignant lesion on a condyloma, 12 (44.4%) had balanitis, 2 (7.4%) had psoriasis lesions, 3 (11.1%) had condylomas, 1 (3.7%) had genital melanosis, and 3 (11.2%) had normal findings. Four patients (16.6%) underwent biopsy, 8 (33.3%) underwent surgery, and 12 (50%) received local treatment.ConclusionThe use of urologic–dermatology specialized consultations resulted in encouraging findings. Patients can benefit from multidisciplinary expertise and rapid treatment of various disorders. Thus, it seems important to develop reference centers created specifically for cancerous disease.Micro-AbstractCutaneous penile lesions often go undiagnosed and are difficult to identify by general practitioners and specialists; however, the stakes can be high. The present study included 27 patients with cutaneous penile lesions. The results revealed that ˜20% were cancerous. Thus, patients can benefit from the multidisciplinary expertise and rapid management available with the specialized consultation, especially for cancerous lesions.

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