Mutations of thehuman interferon alpha-2bgene in brain tumor patients exposed to different environmental conditions

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This study was aimed at finding out mutations of an anticancerous, antiviral and immunomodulatory gene (human interferon alpha-2b) in low- and high-grade brain tumor patients and correlate from hematological profiles. A molecular analysis was performed in which DNAs were extracted from brain biopsy samples of brain tumor patients. The gene was amplified through the PCR technique, and genetic data from sequencing were analyzed by bioinformatics to determine how mutations will lead to changes in human interferon alpha 2b protein in patients. A total of 38% gene mutations were identified among brain tumor patients. The highest percentage of (36%) frameshift mutations was identified. Hematological analysis shows modulations in the ‘lymphocytes’ parameter in a majority (64%) of the brain tumor patients. Environmental factors have been reported as risks of brain cancer. Patients were found to be under environmental stress from contaminated drinking water and from local gamma radiations. Brain tumor patients were found to have various mutations in an immunomodulating human interferon alpha-2b gene. These patients had immunosuppression that was further affirmed from their hematological profiles. This analysis may be helpful to develop certain biomarkers that may be used to develop novel immunotherapeutical drugs, which enhance a better immune response.

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