The crystal and molecular structure of trans-dimethyl 2α-methyl(3αH) perhydro [1,2]oxazolo-[2,3-a]azepine-2α,3α-dicarboxylate: A 7/5-fused ring system

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The title compound crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/n, with a = 6.225(1), b = 14.612 (1), c = 15.520 (1) Å, β = 96.6(3)°, Z = 4 and V = 1402.4Å3. The stereochemistry of the 7/5-fused ring system is trans, the 7-membered and the 5-membered rings are found to be in the chair and envelope conformations, respectively. This represents the first study of a compound containing the 7/5-ring skeleton shown in (3) below.

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