The crystal structures of p-iodo-N-(p-cyanobenzylidene)aniline and p-cyano-N-(p-iodobenzylidene)aniline

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The crystal structures of the isomers NC–C6H4–CH=N–C6H4–I (CN/I) and I–C6H4–CH=N–C6H4–CN (I/CN) have been determined. CN/I is triclinic, space group P¯1 with a = 7.504(3), b = 11.936(4), c = 7.304(2) Å, α = 93.09(2), β = 110.49(2), γ = 99.04(2)°, V = 601.1(3) Å3, Z = 2, and Dx = 1.818(1) g cm−3. In both compounds there are chains of molecules held together by CN···I interactions, with N···I distances of 3.15 and 3.26 Å, respectively. The chains form similar two-dimensional sheets, which, however, stack differently in the two compounds.

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