Structural study of the molecular complex in crystals of brucine with pantolactone

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We have determined an X-ray crystal structure, a = 12.482(1), b = 14.349(1), c = 14.342(1) Å, orthorhombic, P212121, for a molecular complex of brucine with pantolactone. The crystal structure is composed of corrugated sheets of brucine molecules containing the guest pantolactone molecules. The conformational twist of the pyrrolidine ring in brucine may probably be important in projecting the amine N2 to provide a strong and specific binding site for a chiral complexation. The pseudo-equatorial orientation of the hydroxyl group of the pantolactone anchors itself for binding via hydrogen bonding. In the crystal packing, the pantolactone molecules form helices and the brucine molecules are attached to these helices by O–H···N hydrogen bonds.

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