Absolute configuration of C27H41NO8Si, the diastereoselective product of the rhodium(II) octanoate catalyzed decomposition of a chiral vinyldiazomethane in the presence of 2-acetylpyrrole: A structural study rendered difficult by disorder of a “heavy” atom

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The title compound crystallized in space group P21 with a = 12.647(8), b = 14.542(4), c = 17.077(16) Å, β = 97.51(6)°, and Dcalc = 1.143 mg/m3 for Z = 4. There are two chemically-equivalent C27H41NO8Si molecules in the crystallographic asymmetric unit. Each contains three chiral centers, one of known absolute configuration based upon the (R)-pantolactone,—CH*—CMe2—CH2—O—CO—, moiety. The structural study was greatly complicated by disorder of an —OSiMe2(t-Bu) group in one molecule.

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