A quasi-layer structure of trinuclear molybdenum(IV) cluster, [Mo3S7(S2CNEt2)3]I·S8

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The title compound, [Mo33-S)(μ-S2)3(S2CNEt2)3]I·S8, was obtained by solid state reaction of (NH4)2MoS4, Et2NCS2Na, and Et4NI at low heating temperature and crystallizes in space group P¯1 with a = 13.572(3), b = 13.813(4), c = 13.239(3) Å, α = 92.63(3), β = 100.15(3), γ = 117.89(2)°, V = 2136(2) Å3, and Dcalc. = 2.08 g/cm3 for Z = 2. The structure reveals that it consists of a trinuclear Mo cluster molecule, [Mo3S7(S2CNEt2)3]I, and one S8, which are connected to form a quasi-layer structure by the interaction between S8 and the S atoms of the cluster molecule.

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