X-ray crystal structure of tetraaquabis (xanthosinato)nickel(II) hexahydrate

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The complex [Ni(XsH−1)2(H2O)4]·6H2O (XsH−1: xanthosinate) was isolated from the reaction of nickel carbonate with xanthosine in aqueous solution. The octahedral coordination is supported by the reflectance measurements. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction studies show that the crystals belong to the triclinic P1 space group, with a = 7.152(1), b = 8.830(1),c = 13.783(1) Å, α = 82.024(1)°, β = 86.155(1)°, γ = 70.900(1)°, and D = 1.643 mg/m3, forZ = 1. Nickel is six coordinate with four water molecules, and two N7 atoms from xanthosinato ligands. A complicated hydrogen-bonding network is present, all possible donors taking part in it.

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