Synthesis and crystal structure of an unsymmetric dysprosium(III) cryptate

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Synthesis, crystal and molecular structure of [Dy(H3L)(NO3)(H2O)](ClO4)2 ⋅ H2O are reported. The complex crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, space group Pbca with lattice parameters a = 16.8036(3) Å, b = 20.9756(3) Å, c = 25.1113(4) Å, and Dcalc = 1.797 Mg m−3 for Z = 8. The coordination number of dysprosium(III) is 9, and its coordination geometry is a distorted monocapped square antiprisms. In the cryptate, a water molecule acts as a guest molecule encapsulated in the cryptate.

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