Greetings From Chicago
Chicago's Response to the Public Health Challenge of Urban Asthma*
Asthma Hospitalizations and Mortality in Chicago*
The Chicago Asthma Surveillance Initiative*
Asthma Care Practices, Perceptions, and Beliefs of Chicago-Area Primary-Care Physicians*
Asthma Care Practices, Perceptions, and Beliefs of Chicago-Area Asthma Specialists*
Characteristics of Asthma Care Provided by Hospitals in a Large Metropolitan Area*
Asthma Care Practices in Chicago-Area Emergency Departments*
A Survey of Asthma Care in Managed Care Organizations*
Development of a Survey of Asthma Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions*
The Effects of Asthma Experience and Social Demographic Characteristics on Responses to the Chicago Community Asthma Survey-32*
The Chicago Asthma Consortium*
A Collaborative Model to Enhance the Functioning of the School Child With Asthma*
Identifying Asthma Patient Education Materials that Support National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Guidelines*
The Chicago Emergency Department Asthma Collaborative*
Targeting Asthma in Chicago: Community Stories*
Health Education Program to Control Asthma in Multiethnic, Low-Income Urban Communities*
The American Red Cross of Greater Chicago's Asthma Program*
The Lawndale Christian Health Center Asthma Education Program*
The Infant Welfare Society's Asthma Management Project*
Bethany Hospital's Asthma Program*
The Henry Horner Pediatric Asthma Program*
Advocate Health Care's Approach to Adult Asthma*
United HealthCare of Illinois*
Restructuring Asthma Care in a Hospital Setting to Improve Outcomes*
Chicago Community-Based Asthma Intervention Trial*
Validation of the Brief Pediatric Asthma Screen*
A Pilot Study Describing Local Residents' Perceptions of Asthma and Knowledge of Asthma Care in Selected Chicago Communities*
The National Asthma Education and Prevention Program*