Using brief clinician and parent measures to track outcomes in outpatient child psychiatry: longer term follow-up and comparative effectiveness

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Background:This study explored the feasibility and validity of using brief clinician- and parent-rated measures routinely over 6 months in outpatient child psychiatry.Method:All patients under 18 years of age seen for intake in the Child Psychiatry Clinic from 1 August 2007 through 31 July 2010 were eligible for inclusion in the study. Data were collected at intake for 1033 patients and at 3- and 6-month follow-up.Results:ANOVA for repeated measures showed statistically significant improvements in total and subscale scores on all three measures (Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale for Children, Children’s Global Assessment Scale, and Pediatric Symptom Checklist) at both second and third assessments.Conclusion:The fact that both broadband and narrowband scales showed significant improvements over the first 6 months of care establishes the possibility that these measures could be used in experimental designs studying comparative effectiveness.

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