Early support developmental journal for children with visual impairment: the case for a new developmental framework for early intervention

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BackgroundCongenital visual impairment has serious consequences for early development, particularly in those with the most profound impairment. Although there is individual variation, developmental delays and risks, including ‘developmental setback’, are widespread. There is no scientifically robust developmental framework grounded in contemporary theory and scientific knowledge to guide early intervention which may prevent or minimize the risk factors and developmental difficulties. The UK governmental initiative, Early Support, gave the impetus for developing a new developmental framework for babies and young children with visual impairment.MethodsThis paper reports on the scientific literature that underpins the new framework and the limitations of existing intervention materials. The case for focusing on particular vulnerable areas and developing a new developmental framework, the Early Support Developmental Journal for babies and children with severe visual impairment, is presented.ConclusionsThe future direction for service delivery and evaluation is briefly described.

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