The effect of the Infant Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Program on mother–infant interaction after very preterm birth

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Background:Prematurity and perinatal insults lead to increased developmental vulnerability. The home-based Infant Behavioral Assessment and Intervention Program (IBAIP) was designed to improve development of preterm infants. In a multicenter randomized controlled trial the effect of IBAIP on mother–infant interaction was studied as a secondary outcome.Method:Mother–infant interaction was assessed during the Still-face procedure at 6 months corrected age. One hundred and twelve mother–infant dyads (57 intervention, 55 control) were studied.Results:Findings partially supported our hypothesis that the intervention would increase maternal sensitivity in interaction with their preterm infants. No effects were found on infant self-regulatory behavior or positive interaction behavior.Conclusion:The family-centered and strength-based approach of IBAIP appears to be a promising intervention method to promote sensitive mother–infant interaction at home after discharge from hospital. However, no positive effects were found on infant interaction behavior.

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