A recommended technique of renal vein anastomosis in rat kidney transplantation for trainee

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Various rat kidney transplantation models have been introduced over the decades and the study on the models seems to lack novelty and necessity. However, vascular anastomosis, especially renal vein, is still very difficult for trainees. The aim of this study was to provide the modified renal venous anastomosis of rat kidney transplantation to substitute the current method for trainees.


Male Wistar rats were used as donors and recipients, respectively. Left orthotopic transplantation was performed with a modified technique of renal vein anastomosis, combining the end-to-end sutures with epidural catheter. Meanwhile, the survival rate, warm ischemia time, renal venous anastomosis time, and complications were recorded to evaluate the merits of the modified technique compared with the current recommended technique of rat renal vein. Two trainees took part in the learning of the models in two methods for performing 30 operations, respectively.


The difference in warm ischemia time (from (57.25±7.30) minutes in the first 10 operations to (30.05±1.85) minutes in the third 10 operations) and renal vein anastomosis time (from (32.80±3.80) minutes in the first 10 operations to (19.30±0.98) minutes in the third 10 operations) was significantly short (P<0.01) and the survival rate was statistically high (from (25±7)% in the first 10 operations to 70% in the third 10 operations) in equal number of operations (P<0.01) by comparing with the current recommended method ((47.60±7.19) minutes to (22.8±1.85) minutes, (22.40±3.10) minutes to (9.95±1.50) minutes, 45%±7% to 80%±0, respectively). The intraoperative complications and postoperative complications of renal venous anastomosis were also significantly decreased (P<0.01).


The technique with epidural catheter can shorten the learning curve of the trainee learning rat kidney transplantation. It may replace the currently recommended technique of rat renal vein for trainees.

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