Localization of the human membrane-type 2 matrix metalloproteinase gene (MMP15) to 16q12.1 near DNA elements that are part of centromeric and non-centromeric heterochromatin of 11 human chromosomes

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We have localized a second gene for membrane-type matrix metalloproteinases, MT2-MMP, to chromosome 16q12 by in situ hybridization. FISH experiments using a genomic PAC clone containing the MT2-MMP gene resulted in an unusual hybridization pattern detecting centromeric and non-centromeric heterochromatin regions or its flanking sequences in 11 human chromosomes in addition to the MT2-MMP locus on chromosome 16q12. The detailed analysis of this hybridization pattern using molecular cytogenetic methods together with the specific hybridization of the MT2-MMP cDNA allowed a refined mapping of the gene to 16q12.1, directly adjacent to the 16q heterochromatin. Our findings may give some insights into the evolution of the MMP gene family.

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