Molecular–cytogenetic characterization of the Vicia faba genome – heterochromatin differentiation, replication patterns and sequence localization

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A comprehensive survey of the molecular–cytogenetic features of the Vicia faba chromosome complement (2n = 12) is given. It includes previous as well as new original data. Various Giemsa, restriction endonuclease and fluorochrome banding patterns, azacytidine-mediated segment extension, replication patterns, lateral A/T asymmetry and sequence localization data for tandemly arranged simple sequence repeats, dispersed repeats and coding sequences as well as histone acetylation patterns are considered. This allows not only to distinguish and characterize telomeres, subtelomeres, centromeres and the NOR, but also the structure of the 5S rRNA gene loci and two main types of interstitial heterochromatin. Additionally, it offers physical landmarks within euchromatic areas. Thus, the field bean genome, exemplified by the reconstructed karyotype ACB, belongs to the cytogenetically best investigated plant genomes.

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