Ultra-rapid multicolor PRINS protocol for chromosome detection in human sperm

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We report a new multicolor PRINS procedure for chromosome identification on human sperm. Based on the direct in-situ mixing of the colors of the fluorochromes (FITC, TRITC, Cascade Blue) incorporated in sequential PRINS reactions, this method facilitates rapid distinct labeling of 3 or 4 chromosomes. Each PRINS reaction consists of a unique 4 minute step for annealing and elongation. The method was successfully tested on lymphocytes and spermatozoa. Estimates of disomy were performed for chromosomes 7, 9 and 16 on sperm samples from 2 healthy donors. There was no significant difference between the disomy rates obtained with the conventional two-color PRINS technique and this new three-color procedure. By simplifying the multicolor PRINS protocol, this new protocol should facilitate the use and adaptation of PRINS to various cytogenetic applications.

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