Interstitial (TTAGGG)n sequences are not hot spots of recombination in the chicken lampbrush macrochromosomes 1–3

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To study the role of telomere (TTAGGG)n sequences in promoting of crossing over in chicken female meiosis, we have localized telomere repeats by FISH and studied the distribution of chiasmata in the giant diplotene bivalents, the chicken lampbrush macrochromosomes 1–3. We show that all interstitial clusters of the (TTAGGG)n repeat in these chromosomes do not coincide with hot spots of genetic recombination (crossing over) in the chicken female. Moreover, terminal TTAGGG-positive chromomeres also are not chiasma hot spots. We conclude that, at least in chicken macrochromosomes in female meiosis, a role for canonical telomere sequences in promoting of crossing over is not confirmed.

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