Abstract 238: Evaluation of the Satisfaction of Emergency Medical Services’ Staff, Attending Workshops on Maintaining and Improving Professional Skills and Knowledge

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Introduction: to fulfill the needs to maintain professional skills, mainly procedures in unusual on scene situations in the EMS setting, workshops on maintaining and improving professional skills have been set up (MPAP). These workshops are proposed every day to the whole EMS staff (Nurses, physicians, paramedics) The aim of this work is to evaluate the attendees’ satisfaction.

Methodology: Since November 2015, MPAP are proposed. The attendees’ satisfaction was estimated using an anonymous questionnaire. 9 questions were asked and each answer was quantified on a scale ranging from 1 (total disagreement) to 4 (total agreement).

Results: 104 sessions took place with an average of 11 sessions per month. The average participation was 12 people. Among the 108 questionnaires, 52 physicians, 29 paramedics and 27 nurses answered (53%). Table 1 summarizes the answers to the questions depending on professional category of the attendees. Results are shown as average.

Conclusion: the excellent average grades confirm the satisfaction of the EMS’ personnel regarding the MPAP session; Maintaining these workshops for continuous education is now one of the EMS main objectives.

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