Abstract 242: Influenza Seasonal Peak in Critical Congestive Heart Failure Hospitalizations

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Background: Recent data from post hoc analysis of PARADIGM-HF trial demonstrated that Influenza vaccination was associated with reduced risk of all-cause mortality in patients with chronic heart failure. We sought to determine if CHF patients admitted during Influenza season (CDC definition: October to May) are critically ill compared to non-Influenza season

Methods: Consecutive patients presented to the ER of a community teaching hospital between January 2007 to January 2016, with the diagnosis of CHF were analyzed for disposition trends. Critical illness was pre-specified as patients being admitted to either Telemetry or Intensive care unit (ICU)

Results: A total of 3424 CHF ER-admissions were recorded in 2536 patients; 888 were readmissions. Mean age was 77 ±12 years. 1455 (57.4%) were females. 2356 (68.8%) were disposed to Telemetry, 141 (4.1%) were to ICU and 927 (27.1%) were to either medical floor or stabilized and discharged from ER. 2424 (70.8%) ER-admissions occurred in Flu season whereas only 1000 (29.2%) were in non-Flu season. There was a trend towards peak of critically ill CHF hospitalizations in Flu-season when compared with non-Flu season: 1788 (73.8%) vs 709 (70.9%); P=0.08 (Figure 1).

Conclusions: There is a trend towards critically ill CHF hospitalizations in Flu-season. Further studies in larger data sets are needed to validate our findings.

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