Esthetic Evaluation of Implant Crowns and Peri-Implant Soft Tissue in the Anterior Maxilla: Comparison and Reproducibility of Three Different Indices

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A successful implant reconstruction with optimal esthetics consists of a visually pleasing prosthesis and complete and healthy surrounding soft tissue. In the current literature, numerous indices used to qualitatively assess esthetics have been described. However, studies comparing the indices and their reproducibility are scarce.


The aim of this study was to compare three different esthetic indices for the evaluation of single implant-supported crowns.

Materials and Methods:

A total of 10 prosthodontists (P), 10 orthodontists (O), 10 general dentists (G), and 10 lay people (L) independently performed the same assessment using 30 photographs and corresponding casts with three different esthetic indices (Peri-Implant and Crown Index [PICI], Implant Crown Aesthetic Index [ICAI], “Pink Esthetic Score/White Esthetic Score [PES/WES]) and repeated the evaluations 4 weeks later.


The PES/WES and the PICI showed significantly higher esthetic scores (pink, white, total) and clinical acceptance compared with the ICAI in all four groups and in both assessments. The highest intraobserver agreement was achieved using the PES/WES and the least with the ICAI. The mean Kappa per group ranged from 0.18 (group L with ICAI) to 0.63 (group G with PICI).


In comparison with the ICAI, the PES/WES and PICI were more reproducible. Therefore, PES/WES and PICI seem to be more suitable as esthetic indices for single implant crowns.

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