Validation by School Nurses of the Nursing Intervention Classification for Computer Software

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Validation of standardized nursing language for use by specialty nurses is important for the design of computer software. The purposes of this study were to validate the usefulness of the 433 interventions in the Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) for school nurses and to identify interventions that could be omitted from computer software for school nurses. A school nursing listserv, SCHLRN-L, was used to recruit volunteers. Ninety-three volunteers from the listserv also recruited 26 school nurses who were not members of the listserv. The total sample was 102 school nurses from 25 states and other areas, 76 listserv volunteers, and 26 others. E-mail was used to send and receive the survey forms to portions of the sample. A majority of interventions (n = 241; 56%) were selected as used by more than 50% of the sample. Of these, 53 direct care interventions were selected as used by more than 80% of the sample. Fifty interventions were not used by 100% of the sample. E-mail was a useful means to obtain a national sample and collect data.

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