Community-Based, Interdisciplinary Geriatric Care Team Satisfaction With an Electronic Health Record: A Multimethod Study

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This multimethod study measured the impact of an electronic health record (EHR) on clinician satisfaction with clinical process. Subjects were 39 clinicians at a Program of All-inclusive Care for Elders (PACE) site in Philadelphia utilizing an EHR. Methods included the evidence-based evaluation framework, Health Information Technology Research-Based Evaluation Framework, which guided assessment of clinician satisfaction with surveys, observations, follow-up interviews, and actual EHR use at two points in time. Mixed-methods analysis of findings provided context for interpretation and improved validity. The study found that clinicians were satisfied with the EHR; however, satisfaction declined between time periods. Use of EHR was universal and wide and was differentiated by clinical role. Between time periods, EHR use increased in volume, with increased timeliness and decreased efficiency. As the first EHR evaluation at a PACE site from the perspective of clinicians who use the system, this study provides insights into EHR use in the care of older people in community-based healthcare settings.

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