Development and a Pilot Test of an Internet-Based Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program for Korean Male Workers With Metabolic Syndrome

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An Internet-based, Best Exerciser Super Trainer program for risk reduction among Korean male workers with metabolic syndrome was developed, and a pilot test was conducted. The Best Exerciser Super Trainer program was designed to be delivered via the Internet to promote the initiation and maintenance of behavioral lifestyle modification using a transtheoretical model. Stage-matched psychobehavioral strategies were derived from the main constructs of a transtheoretical model and matched to each individual’s stage of readiness for physical activity/weight control using the cardiovascular risk assessment. A simulated version of Best Exerciser Super Trainer was evaluated by an expert group (n = 8). Eighteen male workers participated in an 8-week pilot test of the program. The Best Exerciser Super Trainer Web site consisted of an introduction, main, and administrator components. A majority of the expert group (87.5%) either strongly agreed or agreed with the contents on the Web site. Significant changes in cardiovascular disease risk reduction over the study period among the participants included decreased cardiovascular risk (−2.4%), waist circumference (−2.9 cm), diastolic blood pressure (−9.9 mm Hg), and fasting plasma glucose (−16.7 mg/dL). The findings of this pilot study provide evidence that the Best Exerciser Super Trainer program may be useful for conducting Web surveys and delivering an intervention.

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